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Do you own a set or even a piece or two of beloved wrought iron furniture in your backyard or on your patio or deck? If it has seen better days, take heart. There are easy and economical ways to make it look brand new again. Here is your guide on how to refinish and repair wrought iron patio furniture.

Problems with Wrought Iron Furniture

Outdoor furnishings made from wrought iron are some of the most beautiful and durable pieces you can buy. However, 1960’s wrought iron patio furniture is prone to issues. For instance, if left out in the elements, antique wrought iron patio furniture tends to rust. The finish can also get chipped, flaked or cracked. Dust and dirt can accumulate in the intricate grooves and curls of the design for which vintage wrought iron patio furniture is best known. Best practice is to keep your antique wrought iron patio furniture safe from rain, sleet and salt spray and ensure it stays clean with a regular spray from a hose, then letting it dry in the sun.

How to Repair Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

Your vintage wrought iron patio furniture may no longer be as sturdy as it once was. If the joints have become loose and the welds cracked or soft, you may wish to repair it. Welding the broken parts is the only real solution to this problem. If you have training in arc welding, you can certainly perform this repair yourself. It requires nickel melted into the join from both front and back. If this is not a process with which you are comfortable, it makes sense to take your 1960’s wrought iron patio furniture to a shop where the joints can be strengthened.

How to Refinish Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

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First things first, determine if your furnishings are really made out of wrought iron; this video about how to identify wrought iron will tell you how. If your antique wrought iron patio furniture has been painted, as much of those pieces have been, another step in restoration is refinishing it. This process starts by removing the existing finish, down to the bare metal via sanding or the use of a chemical rust remover or rotary brush tool. Ensure that the metal is impeccably clean, then apply a metal surface primer. Next, apply a couple coats of paint made specifically for vintage wrought iron patio furniture. Finally, finish it off with a clear topcoat so all your work lasts for a long time.

How to Refurbish Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

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Going beyond repair and refinish is a complete refurbishment of your outdoor patio furniture. This would include going over each piece looking for corrosion, breaks and nicks in the surface. A stiff brush, mild cleaning solution and a strong spray of water will help immensely. Finish with steel wool to remove rust particles and an application of a thin coat of car wax to fill in nicks and scratches. You may also wish to replace the upholstered patio furniture cushions at this time.

If all these steps in how to refinish wrought iron patio furniture seems too arduous a task or beyond your capabilities, please contact us. Chances are we can completely refurbish wrought iron patio furniture from your backyard oasis and restore its natural beauty – no matter how old or how damaged. We can also make new patio cushions in the exact shape and size as the old ones. When it comes to making your old furniture look new again, the experts at Hauser’s Patio can get it done for you.

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