Is Your Furniture Showing Its Age?

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Patio Furniture Repair


Refinishing your furniture restores the furniture to its like-new condition and lasts for many years to come!


Our in-house upholstery department can copy existing cushions, slings, and other upholstery projects or manufacturer to your specifications.


We repair many common items such as umbrella recording, broken welds, umbrella canopy restiching, and more. Give us a call or contact us online to see if we can help.


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We have access to much original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and aftermarket parts available.

DIY Friendly

We sell parts, slings, and upholstery items a la carte So You Can Complete repairs & maintenance yourself if so desired.

Are you considering replacing your outdoor furniture? Consider giving the furnishings in your backyard oasis a new lease on life.

Whether your existing furniture could use a new finish, a color change, repairs to damaged or broken pieces, or an entirely new look to match other updates you’ve made to your outdoor living room, the possibilities are nearly endless.

At Hauser’s Patio, we do more than just sell the finest quality furnishings for your patio and backyard; we also repair outdoor furniture. We give your current pieces the tender loving care they deserve by protecting the finish, repairing the components, refinishing the frames, and completely renewing them from top to bottom. You can fall in love with the furnishings in your backyard oasis all over again simply by allowing us to refurbish patio furniture that you once adored.

Patio Furniture Repair

If your outdoor furniture is looking dull or just showing its age, the easiest fix is to apply a finish protectant. At Hauser’s Patio, we use a proprietary product that both cleans and protects the frames and works well on many types of materials, such as powder-coated metals, HDPE weaves. and vinyl.

We refresh patio furniture by applying a coat of our non-greasy, non-toxic and nonflammable protectant, restoring the deep, beautiful shine it came with from the factory. And you can feel good about this heavy-duty protectant since it is 100% biodegradable, does not use any petroleum byproducts, and will not cause harm to the environment.

This protectant will refresh patio furniture for years to come due to its superior ability to resist oxidation, discoloration, fading, and other ill effects of exposure to UV rays, dirt, and smog.

San Diego Quality Patio Furniture Repair

Sometimes your outdoor furnishings needs a bit more than just a glossy new finish. Perhaps the pieces are missing components, broken or damaged parts.

The professional staff at Hauser’s Patio can repair outdoor furniture by welding broken frame pieces, replacing plastic components, and repairing swivel rocking mechanisms.

Not sure your furniture can be saved? – Give us a call and we can tell you if we carry that particular brand and if we are able to obtain the necessary parts to repair it. We encourage you to contact us to repair your outdoor furniture: (619) 376-6033 or Send a message to our store team

Whether you need a shade feature, an outdoor table, or patio chair repair, chances are that we can get all your outdoor furnishings back in good working condition.

Patio Furniture Powder Coating


At Hauser’s Patio, we start to refinish patio furniture by disassembling the furniture. We remove all non-metallic parts, such as glides, end caps, and swivel rocker bushings. Later, the furniture will be placed in a large oven, making it very important to remove and catalog all plastic parts.

The furniture is then sandblasted to an SP-10 standard, which achieves an in-depth cleaning of the metal frame beyond the minimum required by The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC). This process removes the existing finish, metal oxidation and cleans the surface of the metal. After sandblasting the furniture is toughly wiped down to remove dust from the sandblasting process.

Then, the metal is protected and finish adhesion is increased by applying a primer. Steel furniture is primed with a zinc-rich primer while aluminum frames receive an anti-gas primer. These primers have unique properties that are specific to the metal they are applied to. This is a step others often skip.


Finally, a polyester powder coat, available in a wide array of rich colors, is applied to the frame. In some instances, an OEM finish from the manufacturer (limited to brands carried in our store) can also be applied.

The end result is patio furniture refinished to not just look like new, but better than new. With a fresh set of upholstery cushions or slings, it will be difficult to recognize your outdoor furnishings as those that came to us from your backyard before refurbishment.


Southern California Patio Furniture Repair

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We ship nationwide vis freight and parcel. We use carriers such as FedEx, UPS, ABF, and similar established carriers to deliver directly to your door, anywhere in the continental United States.

We service San Diego, Orange, Imperial, and Los Angeles Counties using our in-house delivery experts. Many of our commercial clients who are in Nevada, Arizona, and north of Los Angeles are also serviced by our in-house delivery experts.

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